Without knowing the various elements that can cause the cost of a pool table to increment ten times, it will be difficult to comprehend the reason why somebody would spend up to $5,000 or something else for a pool table. Thus, we should separate it.


Barring minuscule youngster’s size pool tables, most pool tables for home use are somewhere in the range of 6 and 8 feet in length. Competition standard pool tables utilized in proficient pool corridors are 9 feet in length and are likewise accessible for buy however are not regularly tracked down in homes, basically in light of their size. Normally, the greater the table, the more you can hope to pay.

No, we are not discussing your dozing courses of action! The bed is the name of the level surface under the fabric on which the game is played.

Low-nightstands will have a bed made of pressed wood or MDF. These are actually sturdy, yet the material will break down a lot quicker than more costly pool tables. A pool table with a MDF bed will quite often cost under $1,000.

Mid-reach to top of the line tables will have record or rock beds; the thicker the record, the better the table quality. Record pool tables are significantly more costly, yet they are unquestionably tough and will endure forever.


Any pool player deserving at least some respect can perceive the nature of a table by the fabric covering the bed and rails. Called baize (not felt), it is made of woven fleece or a combination of fleece and nylon, normally gauging around 22 ounces. A decent quality pool table will have a firmly woven, lightweight baize with little contact.

Most modest bar tables will have a marginally heavier, thicker baize, however the more slender and lighter the material, the better, taking into consideration a more finessed, exact game. These more slender baizes are in this manner more expensive.

A less expensive pool decorative spread can cost around $100 to $200, however competition level pool baizes can cost up to $1,000!


One more material utilized in pool tables is elastic, which is utilized for the rails (or pads). The elastic is vulcanized however can be regular gum or engineered, and normal elastic is quite often pricier. Contingent upon the game, the pads have explicit shapes – known as profiles; American Pool has a K-66 profile, while snooker utilizes L-77.

The pockets of a pool table can be made of a few unique materials, like cowhide, plastic, and rope netting. Great pool tables will by and large have cowhide pockets, which are the most costly, while less expensive bar tables will utilize plastic drop pockets. Plastic and rope pockets are considerably more reasonable than cowhide ones, yet you might have to ultimately supplant them.


The most reasonable pool tables are made of fiberglass, plastic, or modest wood, like red oak, maple, cherry, or pecan. These tables are considerably more reasonable than those made completely of excellent wood, yet they penance strength and will break down or need fixes a lot quicker.

Pool tables made with certifiable mahogany or other intriguing and solid hardwoods are staggeringly dependable and may likewise be planned with wonderful and multifaceted carvings. All things considered, pool tables made with intriguing hardwoods will be on the high finish of the expense range at around $5,000 to $10,000.


Regardless of whether your pool table is produced using great quality materials, it may not keep going as lengthy in the event that it isn’t made by a specialist expert. Pool tables require a ton of exact estimations and carpentry, so it is crucial to guarantee you buy one from a respectable seller.

A pool table from a games store will cost essentially short of what one that is uncommonly created by a pool table creator.






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